It’s coming home with Tangible Benefit and IBM – thanks to our partners at IBM for skilling us up with their exciting free Cyber Resiliency Assessment

IBM’s Cyber Resilient Assessment

We are working with IBM and offering an exclusive free assessment of your resiliency estate. It’s a simple yes or no assessment which only takes 2 hours and includes the support of an IBM expert to assist you throughout the process.

The assessment gives you the ability to identify any blind spots or improvements within the estate which we can advise you on.

Once the assessment is complete IBM will provide you a detailed report which will give you an insight into what areas are doing better than others along with a suggested roadmap to improve these areas.

IBM can help customers recover from attacks in hours instead of days – would you say that your resiliency strategy could test, validate and recover your critical data within a single working day?

If no – get in touch with us today to schedule your free Cyber Resiliency Assessment today