Tangible Benefit believes in one-size does not fit all.

Each of our clients is individual and has different requirements. With this in mind, our Solutions team offers a range of skills and tools to deliver best in class offerings, custom built to every budget and need.

Starting at the beginning we look to understand our client’s business.

After an informal review to understand where the pain points lie, we then present a number of options and introduce key tier 1 vendors, delivering proofs of concept where necessary.

From there we can work with them to scale the solution up or out until the client is satisfied. Our team of accredited experts can assist with deployments and installations, ensuring that everything has been fully tested prior to going live.

Our solution team uses a trusted, agile methodology to assist our clients:


Workshop sessions – open conversations to understand the client’s environment and specific needs.


Configuration – our technical team will configure and test solutions

Implementation – a range of options to ship and install to client site.


Managed Services – We work with a number of partners to be able to provide the right managed service for our clients, from a service desk to full blown Network Operation Centres.

Security – The cyber security threat is greater than ever, with 1 in 5 businesses in the UK being attacked. We work with our clients to provide all-round security solutions to defend against attack. From Anti-Virus to Penetration Testing, we can be an additional line of defence to protect your organisation’s valuable data.


Secure destruction and removal of unwanted kit to WEEE certified standards.

Some of the technologies we cover:


A fundamental to all businesses, we play a major part in keeping all aspects of our clients’ infrastructure communicating with each other quickly, safely and securely. With each user carrying more and more devices every year, and older, legacy hardware offering exploitable vulnerabilities, we offer a range of enterprise grade access points, switches, firewalls, and routers.


For many of our clients, their data is their most valuable asset. We still find many organisations using tape as their primary backup. Today’s market offers a range of faster, more efficient and versatile backup solutions, such as disk to disk, private or public cloud, or even backup as a service.


Sometimes our clients know exactly what they want and we deliver it quickly and cheaply. Sometimes, an extra pair of hands or eyes comes in handy. From whiteboarding sessions to scope out a solution, to expert deployment engineers and technically accredited consultants.

Unified Communication

From meeting or huddle rooms to full blown contact centres, we provide the entire range of headsets, cameras, microphones and screens for a fully integrated UC experience.


With too many providers to mention, we maintain the highest level credentials and partnerships with all tier 1 software and licensing providers. We can assist with bundling and co-terming your estate, and help manage your licenses for you, taking the headaches out of staggered renewal times.

Some of the technologies we cover:

Access Points / Wireless controllers
Disk to disk solutions
Cloud solutions
Managed backup
Engineers – rollout engineers to technical advanced consultants.
Unified Communication
We provide Headsets, camera’s and screen for a full integrated UC experience.
Mimecast, AirWatch, Proofpoint

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