The most productive and secure version of Windows yet – paired with Lenovo’s innovative hardware – a simple solution for your IT.

Introducing Windows 11 for Business 

Lenovo recommends Windows 11 Pro for Business

  • Powerful for employees.
  • Consistent for IT.
  • Secure for all

Windows 11 is designed for hybrid work! 

The most productive and secure version of Windows yet – but simple for IT.

How does Windows 11 Pro with Lenovo benefit your business?

  1. Instantly Productive – Windows 11 reduces employee cognitive load with a simplified and streamlined UI.
  2. Smarter Collaboration – Windows 11 enabled deeper teams integration, enabling more effective online meetings.
  3. Consistent for IT – Migrate confidently to Windows 11 with Lenovo, using familiar IT tools with guaranteed application compatibility backed by App Assure.
  4. The MOST Secure – A Zero Trust-ready OS with powerful built-in security, including hardware-based isolation, encryption and malware protection.

Windows 11 is Perfectly Paired with a Lenovo Machine to be a Match Made in Heaven! 

Lenovo’s brand has become one of the best in the market due to several factors including their innovation, device durability, performance, affordability and customer service.

As a Lenovo Platinum Partner, Tangible Benefit is an industry leading corporate provider of Lenovo Solutions and Products to a huge variety of corporate clients across the UK.

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