Edit – big congratulations to Michael Ward who as of the beginning of September is now a Senior Key Account Manager!

Although we have been named as one of the 25 fastest organically growing companies in the UK by Buzzacott – we’re not resting on our laurels! As part of our strategic growth plan, we have put in the necessary infrastructure to continue our upwards trajectory. From live demonstrations of how to configure a laptop through to a deep dive on our largest accounts, we pride ourselves on our in depth training.

We sat down with 3 of our most recently promoted Senior Account Managers: Brooke Allman, Jack Green and Michael Ward. Brooke and Michael joined in September 2021 and Jack in December of the same year. They’ve quickly become much-loved members of the team and demonstrated tenacity, flair and that essential Tangible Benefit “can do!” spirit.


What do you like about the role [Business Development]?

MW – the freedom to go out and see clients – every day is completely different. It’s not about being on the phone – you’re encouraged to see your clients regularly

JG – Good exposure. We’re encouraged to have conversations with C-suite and decision makers, perhaps in another business you don’t have this opportunity for a while

BA – I like the incentives – posh breakfast [including Duck and Waffle, Hawksmoor, the Wolseley] nice dinners, daily prizes. It’s also not just “get on with it”


What do you like about Tangible Benefit?

MW – autonomy, it’s up to you. You put hard graft in but it’s given back – really straightforward

BA – there’s lots of help and internal support. We’re pretty close-knit and Team Leaders are effective mentors. Different people help you out as you progress through the different stages here

JG – the community feel to the place, everyone knows everyone and it’s nice to be able to have conversations with any part of the team. It’s a really sociable job and office


What’s your advice to people starting a career at Tangible Benefit?

BA – stick with it! Once you’re past training, give it a couple of months to sink in

MW – don’t be scared of the word no – you’ll hear it a lot!

JG – throw yourself in and fully commit – you need to work hard but you get what you put in


Where do you want to be in 6 months?

BA & MW – promoted again!

JG – I’m beginning to work with some new potential customers. I’d like to establish a relationship and become their preferred supplier

MW – continuing to specialise in the large enterprise sector


Thanks again team!

To join our next generation of Sales Superstars – please speak to the Recruitment team on 0207 833 7506 or recruitment@tangiblebenefit.com