We’re pleased to welcome Adam Waggott to the Tangible Benefit team as our Software Practice Director. He’s already well known to the business, having partnered with us whilst at Tech Data [a leading distributor of technology products, services and solutions]. Adam joining the growing team is testament to Tangible Benefit’s commitment to our customers – we’re leading the change for aggregated Software Solutions.

We sat down with Adam for a quickfire Q&A to his vision to strategize Software Practice at Tangible Benefit:

We’ve known you for a while through our work with Microsoft and Tech Data, but in your own words tell me a bit about your background?

I started with a Unilever in the Consumer Insights team following my degree in Psychology. I joined Tech Data’s Security Technologies team in 2019 with a brief stint vendor side at Gnatta before returning to Tech Data, this time to their Microsoft Security team, working with resellers on their Microsoft Security piece. I was approached by Tangible Benefit at the beginning of 2022 and the rest is history!


What is a Software Practice Director? How would you describe your role?

Anything software related – I’m responsible that it’s done in the best way possible from quote through to Account Management and subsequent support.  I’m here to ensure we as a business are expanding and growing our tech strategy inline   with the growth in the market


What prompted a move from distribution to a VAR [value added reseller]?

Probably the speed things are done here [at Tangible Benefit] Also I want to be closer to customers – disti advise at a distance whereas the reseller is the first point of contact


What’s your focus?

I’m leading the change for aggregated Software Solutions with Tangible Benefit, focussing on 3 core areas – streamline, strategise and simplify:

Streamline – filtering through the complex make-up of the software market to streamline technologies. This will cover understanding the vendor stack, sharing improvements, increasing efficiency and co-terming renewals

Strategize – working with solution matter experts to strategize a plan for digital transformation. It’s important to balance effort with value to ensure creative innovation and create an implementation plan

Simplify – keep business outcomes in mind to ensure simplification of software licensing. It’s a continuous process – from simplifying software deployments through to post-implementation review to continuous improvements when new technologies are implemented


What’s exciting you most about this new position?

The opportunity at Tangible is massive – £62.5million in sales revenue for FY22 – software was a small percentage of this. There’s so much potential to do so much with software at Tangible Benefit


There must be lots of opportunities to join a reseller – so what made you choose Tangible Benefit?

The agile nature Tangible Benefit has – there’s a real determination to improve and modify what they’re doing. Management identified a gap and were willing to fulfil that gap. I think that and the massive opportunity for Software Solutions here makes it [Tangible Benefit] an exciting team to join


And outside of work – tell us about the real Adam Waggott

I play piano at Grade 5, love to travel [holiday booked for 2023 in the Caribbean] and my favourite Friends character is probably Joey

Thanks Adam! We’re thrilled to be working with you.

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